OFR Annual Report: Empowering Community Action

Publication Date: 2/15/2023

Through the blending of public health, public safety, behavioral health, medicolegal death investigations, and other services providers, overdose fatality reviews (OFRs) collect data on the decedent’s life and effectively identify system gaps to develop data-driven, community-specific overdose prevention and intervention strategies. OFR annual reports summarizes the OFR findings, highlight data trends, clarify community needs, and shares recommendations identified to address substance use and related deaths in communities. By using an annual report to clearly highlight the work done by an OFR, state and local partners can understand and support the OFR findings to ensure implementation.

This webinar will highlight what to include in your annual report and how your annual report can help communicate to stakeholders and the community what the OFR learned and what changes it made to prevent future substance-involved deaths.  

During the webinar, presenters will:

  • Review the purpose and value of an annual report.
  • Provide an overview of collecting and summarizing data to include in an annual report.
  • Share examples of annual reports and dissemination strategies.
  • Highlight how to use an annual report to mobilize the community and action.


  • Mallory O'Brien, MS, PhD, Senior Policy Advisor, BJA COSSAP and Consultant, IPA, CDC (Welcome)
  • Melissa Heinen, BSN, MPH, Senior Research Associate, IIR (Moderator)
  • Merilee Fowler, Executive Director, MATFORCE and Community Counts (Presenter)


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